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Hyundai Motor Losing 42 Billion Lost in Production for Employee Strike

Hyundai Motor Co.’s plant in Ulsan could call a temporary halt to operations if the irregular workers’ sit-in strike continues, a company executive said Thursday.

Hyundai vice president Kang Ho-don said in a statement that if the situation continues, a reduction in production hours and even a temporary closure of some facilities will become unavoidable.

On Thursday irregular workers employed by a Hyundai subcontractor continued their sit-in strike for the fourth day.

On Monday about 400 irregular workers from a Hyundai subcontractor began a sit-in strike at the Ulsan plant demanding that they be hired on a regular contract.

hyundai Motor workers stage a sit-in at its plant in Ulsan on Wednesday

While the strike is taking place within Hyundai’s plant, the carmaker says that it has no responsibility or power to negotiate contract conditions with the striking workers as the company is not their employer.

On Monday the workers occupied two assembly lines causing 1,200 vehicles and 11.5 billion won ($10.1 million) damages in lost production and sales. The strike continued and expanded to three assembly lines Wednesday.

Although the carmaker brought in additional workers Thursday on two of the three assembly lines, one of the lines continue to be under striking workers’ control.
According to the carmaker’s estimates, the strike had caused 4,300 vehicles and 42 billion won in lost production and sales as of Wednesday.

The company has filed civil and criminal suits against the workers, and is seeking compensation of 1 billion won.

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